Saffier 36 Nitro

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The Saffier 36 Nitro is designed for ultimate Irc racing. This project started out when yard owner Dennis Hennevanger, who's has been successfully racing for the last 12 years in national and international events such as the North sea regatta or the Commedores cup felt the need to design and built a racer/cruiser. Primerly goals were a fast and save yacht to race with full crew but  easy adapt to handle by one person for solo races. Further more there was the wish to comfortable cruise with his family without having to modify to complete interior from racing into cruising.

Dutch naval architect Peter Bosgraaf a well known Dutch designer for fast yacht was asked to start the initial drawings on the hull having in mind the IRC rules. A revolutionary deck design and layout was thought out by yard owners Dean and Dennis Hennevanger. A very large cockpit for work space was the first wish, the second priority was to keep as much lines as possible from the deck. Not only will it give the Saffier 36 Nitro a clean look but the main thought is that there would be no more tangling from the sheet or halyards, no more people sitting in sheets or lines. To do this virtually every single sheet or line runs through the deck or coachroof. The third concern is trying to get people as much as possible on the windward side, even by tacking or trimming. This is why the jib winches are set inward in the cockpit so the grinder stands steady  in the middle of the boat just after tacking which enables ,, Nitro'' to excelerate even faster out of a tack. For solo or dual hand racing the helmsmen can control the mainsheet, jib sheet and spinnaker sheet without leaving the helm and because IRC promotes high stability the ,, Nitro'' is a save well balanced boat with almost 55 % upright moment so she will still perform without 7 people on the railing

Saffieryachts who are world wide known for there multiple award winning daysailers are also known to be on the very frontier of new developments in yacht building and designing. They where the first to incorporate the winchconsoles in their daysailer so that any yachtsmen- skilled or not -could sail with there Saffier all alone. Also the material called Esthec which replaced the old fashion teak was on the very frontier, being the first yard the actually use the material Esthec is a standard rather then a option.

Yard owners Dennis and Dean Hennevanger wanted to use the building experience of Nitro for their yard. All saffieryachts are build hand lay up in fiber glass but for this project they wanted to be on the very edge of sandwich building and laminating technology. Because the Saffier 36 ,,Nitro" was going to be build as a one off in epoxy totally vacuumed, the yard sought after the best professional craftsmen in this field. They found that in the craftsmen from New Zealand who had formally been working with America cup teams as Alinghi and Shosaloza and had build several TP 52 and Irc racers such as Mean Machine and Oystercatcher XXVIII. Together with the the best craftsmen from Saffieryachts itself they started building at the yard in IJmuiden. Within 3 months the complete casco, such as hull, deck and all bulkheads where finished mean while teaching the craftsmen from saffieryachts all the ins and outs of high tech vacuum and laminating boat building. The yard is now incorporating this technology in some of the newer models such as the Se 23 and the Sc 10m. Buy using the modern vacuum technologies the boats are build stronger and lighter, something which will surly be taken to a further step with the new coming daysailer Se 33 which will be launches in Dusseldorf 2013. Meanwhile The numbers are staggering, the casco of  Nitro only weighing 1281.3 kg when being measured in september 2011 with a certified measurement system. As the complete boat should be 2500 kg without keel 1218.7 kg is left for engine, rigging, hardware deck etc. so the expectations that she is build light but save surly paid out.

The Saffier 36 ,, NITRO" will hit the water first week march 2012. Racing for 2012 will remain for the first year in the waters of Holland effectively building up to 2013 when the she will take on the international events such as Kieler woche and cowes week and Nitro, skipper and crew in the utmost condition to take on the famous Commedores cup in 2014.

On a regular base you will find results, pictures and videos of this exciting project on this page. Please feel free to contact us on any further information about this project and our skills for your one off project.


First race ever sailed by Saffier Nitro at the North Sea regatta Inshore races 2012, class Irc 2 overall; 3 th place.

Ronde om Noord Holland( 110 Nm race around the provence of North Holland, 226 entries); First Shorthanded in corrected time, first  SH line honors, first overall correct time and first overal line honors.



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