Saffier Sc 6.5 m

Saffier Sc 6,5 m

Anyone who wishes to buy an open yacht today will find plenty of choice. Making the right choice, however, is another matter. What are your priorities? Is it simply the price tag or are you looking for a ship that is reliable and solid? Do you prefer a competitive yacht or would you rather go for comfort? Suppose you found everything you wanted in one model?

Delightful, classical lines, appearance, high quality. These are the characteristics of the Saffier Sc 6.50, the sensation in open yacht sailing. Everything on the Saffier gives away the care and attention lavished on this design by her builders. Craftsmen who have been building ships for two generations, they are fanatical sailors themselves and their expert skills and seamanship have given the Saffier her shape and her timeless qualities.

A Saffier Sc 6.50 allows you to unwind. Within minutes, the cover is removed and since the sails can simply remain bent, you will be ready to go. The outboard motor, concealed in its well, will enable you to manoeuvre easily out of the marina after which you can raise the sails.
It is a pleasant thought that after a hard day's work, you can sail away in your Saffier Sc 6.50 in minutes. Furthermore, the Saffier Sc 6.50 is comfortable and seaworthy. The modern keel and the underwater body make her stable and steady on course and will ensure maximum speed in all directions. You can sail the Saffier single-handed either with the engine or with the sails, all from the comfort of the deep, safe cockpit. The helmsman has an extension on his tiller to enable him to steer the boat comfortably whilst having all the rigging within his reach. Even the outboard engine can be operated from this position.

When it comes to pleasure sailing, safety and comfort are our priorities. That is why the Saffier Sc 6.50 is unsinkable and self-righting, and in addition to being easily transported by trailer, she is also almost maintenance free. The spacious cockpit seats four people comfortably and thanks to the generous floor space, there is room for sleeping. The benches in the cockpit are adjustable.
Both the cockpit itself and the space under the sole can be drained using a bilge-pump, which is placed within reach of the helmsman.
The Saffier Sc 6.50 is built from reinforced polyester (hand lay-up) and finished with top quality mahogany and teak. The mast is easy to strike and has stainless steel fittings; the same goes for the boom. The sails have been designed in cooperation with a first class sail manufacturer and the result is a perfect cut and a long life span.

Saffier Sc 6.5 m Royale

The Saffier Sc 6.50 Royale is one of the most luxurious classically lined open yachts available on the market. With its standard teak deck and Harken fittings it is an absolute queen on the water. 

The Saffier Sc 6.50 Royale can be completely custom-built according to your requirements. Whether it is a diesel Saildrive or a special colour for your sails, from gleaming spars sprayed white or stainless steel rubbing strips, we can comply with all your wishes. With the Saffier Sc 6.50 Royale it is even possible to obtain a complete maintenance package ensuring that we take care of your Saffier from its launching until it is berthed for the winter.

Like the Saffier Sc 6.50, the Saffier Sc 6.50 Royale is produced from the finest polyester products. The teak deck consists of 7 to 8 mm of solid teak and is glued to the deck by means of a vacuum technique. This gives it a hundred percent optimum adhesion. 

The result is a brilliant perfectly laid teak deck, and with the combination of pulleys, clamps and a winch with a top brand name like Harken, the Saffier Sc 6.50 is given the Royale touch.

We welcome you to our shipyard in IJmuiden where we can give you detailed information so that you may have a clear picture as to what the yard, but above all, a Saffier can do.

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